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Kontron KTQM77/mITX - Industrial Mini-ITX with Intel® QM77

Supports up to Intel® Core™ i7-2620M Processor, up to 16GB DDR3 SDRAM

Kontron KTQM77/mITX  - Industrial Mini-ITX with Intel® QM77
Key Features
mini-ITX mainboard, Intel® QM77
Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 3rd generation, rPGA 988B
Up to 16GB DDR3-SDRAM support
Triple 10/100/1000 MBit/s Ethernet
1x PCIe x16, 1x PCIe x1, 2x Mini-PCIe slot
6x SATA, 1 mSATA slot
0°C-60°C operating range


KTQM77/mITX embedded Mini ITX board offers 3rd Generation Intel® i7-,i5,-i3 2Core and 4Core CPU technology and longterm availability.

Based on the Mobile 3rd generation Intel® chipset, the Kontron QM77/mITX embedded motherboard with long-term availability offer an ideal performance-per-watt ratio and the very latest interface technology, like gen 3.0 PCI Express x16, without neglecting embedded designers' needs: They still carry, for example, 6 x SATA (incl. 2 x SATA III) interfaces alongside the 4x USB 3.0 & 10x USB 2.0 interfaces. The state of the art graphics performance is supported by 2 x Display Port, LVDS/eDP & DVI interfaces. The usage of 3 independent displays is supported. An unique multipurpose KT Feature Connector supports up to 160 GPIO's. As always the KT embedded motherboards offer more PCB layers than conventional motherboards designed for the consumer market, in order to achieve excellent signal qualities and optimize electromagnetic compatibility. The on board mSATA interface allows to use space-saving highspeed compact SSD storage devices.

Kontron’s KTQM77/mITX embedded Mini-ITX-board also supports Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT 8.0) for remote management and easy maintenance resulting in higher system availability and lower total costs.

If your application does require the high end performance, but not all the features of this powerfull Mini-ITX board: it's available with HM76 Chipset and reduced feature-set as well - with a more favorable pricing:

  • 1x LAN
  • 12 x USB
  • No Firewire
  • No AMT

Productname: KTHM76/mITX



CPU SpecSupport 2nd and 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ (Sandy Bridge M and Ivy Bridge M respectively) and Intel® Celeron® processors via Socket G2 (rPGA 988B ) ZIF Socket
Intel® i7-,i5,-i3 2 Core and 4 Core CPUs
Intel® Core i3-3120ME Processor, 2.40GHz, dual Core, 35W
Intel® Core i5-3610ME Processor, 2.70GHz, dual Core, 35W
Intel® Core i7-3610QE Processor, 2.30GHz, quad Core, 45W
ChipsetIntel® QM77
MemoryUp to 8 GB DDR3L/DDR3, 2x (max. 16GB), PC3-10600/PC3-12800 support, DDR3 DIMM 240pin socket
GraphicsIntel® HD Graphics 4000 integrated
Supporting 3 independent Displays
2 x Display port
1 x DVI-I
1 x LVDS / Embedded DP, HDMI via Adapter
Network3 x Intel® GB LAN (1x AMT 8.0 support)
• 1 x Intel® Lewisville 82579LM
• 2 x Intel® Hartwell 82574L
Storage6 x SATA (4x SATA150/300 and 2x SATA600) w. RAID 0,1,5,10 support
1 x mSATA for SSD Storage
Expansion1 x PCIe x16
1 x PCIe x1
2 x mini PCI-Express
USB10x USB 2.0
4x USB 3.0
Serial4 x RS232
Front I/O2x Dual USB +Displayport
1x Dual USB + Ethernet
1x Dual Ethernet
1x DVI
Audio 3x
AudioHD 7.1
Mic x2
OtherInternal PS2 Mouse/Keyboard connector
DAC up to 160 GPIO
KT embedded feature port with ADC
ATX and single 12V power supply
Power ManagementACPI 3.0


ElectricalATX/BTX (w. ATX+12V) PSU for full PCI/PCIe load.
Alternatively: +12V single supply via ATX+12V (4-pole) connector, but with limitation to power load (especially +5V for USB).
MechanicalMini-ITX: 6.7“ x 6.7“ (170 x 170 mm)
Conformal CoatingN/A
SoftwareWinXP (32b + 64b *)
Vista (32b * + 64b *)
Windows 7 (32b + 64b *)
Windows Server 2003 r2 (32b * + 64b *)
Windows Server 2008 r2 (32b * + 64b *)
WES7 (32b + 64b)
* Out Of The Box installation test only.
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): 0 to +60°C
It is the customer’s responsibility to provide sufficient airflow around each of the components to keep them within allowed temperature range.

Temperature range (storage):-20°C – 70°C
Lower limit of storage temperature is defined by specification restriction of on-board CR2032 battery. Board with battery has been verified for storage temperature down to -40°C by Kontron.
HumidityOperating: 10% to 90% (non condensing)
Non operating: 5% to 95% (non condensing)
MTBF269.335 / 132.342 hours @ 40ºC / 60ºC
Safety/CertificationIEC 60950-1: 2005, 2nd Edition
UL 60950-1
CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1
Product Category: Information Technology Equipment Including Electrical Business Equipment
Product Category CCN: NWGQ2, NWGQ8
File number: E19425
EMCAll Peripheral interfaces intended for connection to external equipment are ESD/ EMI protected.
EN 61000-4-2:2000 ESD Immunity
EN55022:1998 class B Generic Emission Standard.
Warranty2 Years

Ordering Details

KTQM77/mITX embedded & longterm available Mini ITX board

KTHM76/mITX with 1x GB LAN, no firewire, no AMT
Accessories1052-5613 Intel Core i3-3120ME, 2,4GHz, dual Core, 3MB Cache, 35W, FCPGA988, Embedded
1052-5615 Intel Core i5-3610ME, 2,7GHz, dual Core, 3MB Cache, 35W, FCPGA988, Embedded
1051-9277 Intel Core i7-3610QE, 2,3GHz, quad Core, 6MB Cache, 45W, FCPGA988, Embedded

1054-3773 DDR3, 1GB, 1066MHz, PC3-8500, 204 pin SODIMM
1054-3780 DDR3, 1GB, 1333MHz, PC3-10600, 204 pin SODIMM
1054-3776 DDR3, 1GB, 1600MHz, PC3-12800, 204 pin SODIMM
1054-3777 DDR3, 2GB, 1066MHz, PC3-8500, 204 pin SODIMM
1054-3781 DDR3, 2GB, 1333MHz, PC3-10600, 204 pin SODIMM
1051-5403 DDR3, 2GB, 1600MHz, PC3-12800, 204 pin SODIMM
1054-3778 DDR3, 4GB, 1066MHz, PC3-8500, 204 pin SODIMM
1054-3782 DDR3, 4GB, 1333MHz, PC3-10600, 204 pin SODIMM
1051-9057 DDR3, 4GB, 1600MHz, PC3-12800, 204 pin SODIMM
1054-3783 DDR3, 8GB, 1333MHz, PC3-10600, 204 pin SODIMM
1054-3775 DDR3, 8GB, 1600MHz, PC3-12800, 204 pin SODIMM

1044-9447 Active Cooler for socket G2 (rPGA 988B) ZIF socket CPU
1052-6345 Active Cooler for KTQM67 for socket G2 (rPGA 988B) 33mm longlife

826598 Accessory kit for KTQM67, KTQM77
Contains: 4x COM cable (2.54mm, 100mm), 2x FFC 100mm 32pin cable, 1x LPT Module, 1x 6-Pin to PS2-Kbd-Mse cable, 1x Front Panel Open-End cable, 1x Audio Open-End calbe, 1x LVDS Open-End cable, 6x SATA cable (500mm), 2x IEEE1394 Bracket, 4x Cable+Bracket (USB, 10pol

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